"What is it you do to train that is comparable to a pianist practicing scales?"

Tyler Cowen posed the above question on Marginal Revolution in 2019. REPS is part of my answer. This blog is about my work as a product manager and product designer, but it covers more than just work. It's a place where I have fun with ideas—where I get my intellectual reps in.

It's where I put my intuitions to the test by working them out in public. In his fantastic book, "How to Take Smart Notes," Sönke Ahrens wrote that

The most important advantage of writing is that it helps us to confront ourselves when we do not understand something as well as we would like to believe.

About Me

I'm a product manager and product designer, currently working with a stealth startup on a new product in the productivity space. I was the product lead for MapMyRun at Under Armour, where I managed a team of 30 including product management, user experience design, product analytics, customer support, and exercise science.

In my time at MapMyRun, we created and scaled the software experience for Under Armour's Connected Footwear, growing the product from 0 to $180M in annual revenue. We took the product's NPS from 0 to 54 in two years, through a relentless focus on ease of use and the development of a personalized coaching system to help runners improve their form.

I loved working in health and fitness, and these days I channel that passion into this blog, where among other things, I consider what a strength-training app purpose-built for "post-novice" lifters might look like.